Our mission is to democratize access to knowledge with AI

At EATLAB, we envision not the world of equality, but a world where equal opportunities are accessible to all. Those who decide to seize the opportunity work hard to uplift their quality of life. Artificial Intelligence, a form of shared knowledge, can be used to enhance one's ability and create a means to create something for themselves.

The values behind
our company

Believe in Positivity

You cannot change your situation by blaming others or your environment. But if we see that everything happens so that we can become a better person, we eventually change our situation for the better.

Love Challenges

At EATLAB, we love challenges. In fact, we create situations where we can constantly challenge ourselves. We believe in constraints as a necessary condition for personal growth and company's ability to create value of our users.

Never Give Up

In the end, not giving up means winning. We just have to hold out until the end. Because we never know what luck may bring at the end of the day. There is a saying, "the darker the night, the nearer the dawn." Those who fight until the end wins.

Strive to Learn

As team players, we each set targets for our own personal improvements. The best kind of investment is investing in our ability to learn, quickly adapt to changes and create value in any situation. Learning gives rise to joy and we believe that to work is to experience joy.


This is such a cliche. But knowing how to communicate and work as a team player is a necessity in becoming an EATLAB-er. We value and respect differences. In fact, we constantly seek out those who will add diversity of opinions and skills to our team.

Our Partners

If you share our passion to democratize access to knowledge with AI, please let us know! We are opened to discuss partnership with you.