Our Mission

Making AI Accessible to All Enterprises

The Technology that will Change the World

​Received her PhD in AI from MIT, Chanikarn (Mint) Wongviriyawong wants to turn this atomic bomb-like technology into a force for good. Her AI algorithm solely focuses on capturing people’s happiness and turn them into business insights. ​After having created hundreds of predictive models a day for Wall Street, she leaves her successful career to help the restaurant industry where more people can benefit from her capability. She founded EATLAB Co. Ltd. in 2018 with its mission to make every enterprise profitable and later became an Assistant Professor at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi. Upon the Singapore Government's invitation, she had EATLAB's headquarter moved to Singapore and renamed it, EATLAB International Pte. Ltd. in 2019.

Without restaurants, it will be challenging for us to provide ourselves yummy and hearty meals, while maintaining an active work life and social life. We, EATLAB-ers, truly work in order to repay our debts of gratitude we owe to these restaurant owners for they are providing us means to not only live but enjoy our lives.   

Our Journey

Starting with applying AI to education to monitor student's engagement and happiness, Mint began implementing various tools handling video, texts, and numerical data. Finding out that many of her students lack means to afford their education, she began digging deeper into why it was so. She discovered that because most parents make a living by selling food on the street or running a small restaurant, children were required to help out with certain operations in order to make ends meet. However, as she got more involved in helping them, she realized that the true root cause of many unsolved problems stems from the fact that these are the neglected population. For this very reason, Mint began systematizing tools and processes that would help these small entrepreneurs run their business more effectively starting with restaurants which would, in turn, enable children to attend schools more regularly.  

Our Inspiration