Change your regular bank transaction fee to invest in AI technology that grow your revenue even higher.

AI Promotion
+ POS Software + Payment Gateway

of Revenue/mo
through payment gateway

AI Promotion automated - 5 Promotion Types

1 license of POS Software for Windows

1 EDC device

Special feature that bring your selected promotion
to POS or Grab Food Delivery App

3% for first 3 months

*If average daily revenue doesn't meet 20% increase on the 3rd month after using AI, the fee will be adjusted down to 2% (remain only bank processing fee)
*Minimum Service fee 2,500 THB

AI Promotion Package

Save your time of analysis all the raw data and create new promotion every month with our AI promotion package.
Work with most of POS system, analyse your customer behaviour and recommend various of promotion type that you can choose.

AI Promotion

Annual 1,299.-/mo

5 Options of Promotion Type

Promotion based on Sale Channel / Delivery Channel

Campaign Performance Tracking

Customer's Behaviour

Daily/Monthly Sales analysis

3 Month Free TRIAL!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a demo to test the platform out?

Definitely! Click on Book a Demo below to schedule one. However, if your schedule doesn't permit, you can always log in here using the following username and password.

Username :
Password: Demo@Acc.02

Does EATLAB offers discounts for small restaurants?

We offer heavy discounts for small restaurants. Please contact us here to qualify.

Do you offer a free trial to test EATLAB out before committing?

Yes! We believe that everyone deserves a chance! For Profit Maximizer and Sales Forecast, you are automatically entitled to 1 month free trial!

Do you offer a mobile app to use EATLAB on the go?

No. Right now EATLAB is only available on web. The preferred browsers are Chrome and Firefox. We are currently working on a mobile app version, which is expected to be release in Q1 2022.