Operation AI

Monitor Your Operations 24/7

For any business to survive in an endemic era, any tasks that can be automated must be automated. If a manager's only task is to react to changing demands and customer needs, customers might prefer others who offer a well-designed experience with a focus on customer happiness. EATLAB helps you avoid that trap so that your business's focus will be on curating the best customer experience.

Software Developer Toolkits

Offline Traffic Analysis

Our tools help business owners to know demographics of those passing by their stores and those who enter store, who are new customers vs. repeat customers as well as the frequency with which they come back. EATLAB also quantifies changes in visit frequency and the age & sex distribution of these individuals

Sales and Inventory Forecasting

Inventory needs storage. In some cases, they may expire or lose the desired quality as time passes. So keeping the inventory as minimal and as fresh as possible is one of the keys to business efficiency. EATLAB provides forecasted sales of each item 7-14 days in advance. When linked with BOM data, we provide forecasted inventory down to the smallest unit on BOM.

Throughput Analysis

Having bottleneck in operations can result in customer complaints and eventually churn rate. EATLAB helps you measure rate of people coming in and queuing to buy your products and those waiting to retrieve the products. By having this information, one can constraint the types of order in order to minimize loads on the production side and thereby keeping the flow going in equal to flow going out.

Human Resources Planning

Business that operates with heavy manpower cannot live without a good human resources planning. EATLAB offers tools to help plan work shifts based on forecasted demand and true staff performance. It also measures staff activeness during different periods allowing business owners to reward efficient staffs and pair those that may need additional trainings with efficient ones.

Quality Assurance

In services sector, monitoring quality of services is such job of a manager. However, in reality, this task gets pushed down the priority list as there are other urgent tasks such as handling unexpected demands, or attending to complaining customers. EATLAB automates the process of capturing durations of each touchpoint for off-line customers, browse path of customers in shops, and find similar patterns of these to arrive at current quality of services and customer experience.


Businesses in service sector that cannot ensure their customers of cleanliness will not survive. This is of utmost importance since the era of pandemic has arrived and now endemic is here to stay. EATLAB tracks whether or not protective equipments such as hats, gloves and masks are worn at all times when interacting with products, particularly food and beverage.

Customer Reviews

We are obsessed with our customer happiness.

“Improve quality of services”

Sri Trat chooses Smart Monitor as it really helps control the quality of our dine-in services, which sets us apart from other restaurants. We find a great value in this software.

Nontawan Chitwattanagorn
Owner, Sri Trat Restaurant & Bar (Michelin Guide)

“Business will become profitable through adopting AI technology"

When AI is used to calculate true labor costs, curate product offerings, and come up with marketing, challenges in food services industry will be improved and a new profit model for the restaurant industry will be created!

Takao Yanagimoto
Owner, Teppen Group

“Effective way to optimize work shifts”

We use EATLAB to monitor customers during different hours. We are no longer over or understaffing. It is the only tool to help schedule staffs effectively.

Thuwasin Waranonchirachot
Food & Beverage Manager, Sakura Restaurant

“Best tool to monitor operation”

Smart Monitor helps us quantify the efficiency of our staffs in providing services to customers. This is the essence of our business, but has been very difficult to measure.

Keerati Duandee
Marketing Director, Teppen Izakaya