Your Smart Assistant

Platform that help restaurant owners with all-in-one solution that combined AI promotion automated software, POS software and Payment Gateway together.

Smart & Time Saving

Auto Generate Promotion based on customer buying data

Promotion automated put on your POS and Delivery app (Grab food)

Integrate POS data and send to AI learning automatically

Performance tracking and optimise your promotion campaign

One payment gateway receive multiple payments with competitive rate.

AI Automated Promotion

AI software that will boost your revenue by recommending promotion based on customers behaviour by store and by channel. AI learning customer behaviour based on buying data from POS.

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POS Software

Friendly user design and smoothly operate 100% Offline without internet connection.
Record your sales and manage inventory easily in one place.

All-in-One Payment

Accept payment offline and online in one place. No need to deal with multiple banks to get the lower fee anymore. We offer competitive deal for QR payment, Credit card, E-Wallet and international payment such as WeChat and Alipay.

More effective and proven result with
AI automated

Avg. +52%* in Revenue

*Results from 60 Stores using EATLAB promotion in a month

Few Steps to Start

1. Log in to with your email or google account
2. Fill in your information and agree Terms and Conditions
3. Integration/ Installation
3.1 Easy Restaurant POS users
> Our team will assist you with integration process and payment gateway installment
3.2 Switch to Easy Restaurant POS software
> Our team will contact for software installation process, integration and payment gateway installment
4. EATLAB AI will process data POS and show all the reports in less than 5 minutes
5. Click to deploy selected promotion to channels to want (POS or Grabfood app)

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Customer Reviews

We are obsessed with our customer happiness.

“Record sales”

I followed the suggestions by EATLAB. There were many people who bought because of this exact promotion! It was a record sales that day. Our sales have gone up ever since. Without EATLAB, who would help us come up with promotions? We will be at a loss as to what to do.

Thanchita Atthakornkowit
Owner, Sané Café & Workshop Studio

“Makes my life easier”

Profit Maximizer makes my life so much easier. I don't have to worry about coming up with new promotions or crunching data myself. I have not seen anything like it. It saves me a lot of time.

Napat Siansalai
Owner, Khaosoi Lamduan

“Significantly improve sales”

Our sales have been stagnant for a long time until we found EATLAB. It suggests bundling and promotions that are right for our customers. We understand what our customers want even more and it shows with our improved sales.

Nattapon Uthoktara
Owner, Im-Erb Vietnamese Cuisine

“My customers love EATLAB promotions”

From the day that we started using EATLAB suggested set menu, it never stops drawing customers. When we don't have that promotions, customers always ask for them!

Norapat Kanasrinuwat
Owner, Raka Thai Restaurant

“More spending per bill”

After implementing the set menu, our sales went up significantly. Customers spend more per bill. I never knew that this could happen with such little efforts. Thank you EATLAB!

Supanun Nararatwong
Owner, Nichinichi

“Makes my life easy”

EATLAB makes thinking about promotion and data easy.

Tanapat Panpapai
Owner, Pang๑ Coffee & Milk

“Makes my life easy”

EATLAB suggests promotions that improve our sales. The set menu that it suggests makes a lot of sense for my customers.

Kanok Porntaweetum
Owner, A's Duck Eatery